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Carolers at Bella Terra Mall


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HB Fire Fighters do more than fight fires...News
Pure Barre partners with Clothes for the Cause...News2
Julius Caesar High School comes to Fountain Valley High Theater...News3
Elks Christmas Bingo Event at the Long Beach Veterans Hospital...News4
The Swedish Christmas market with a twist...News5
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Feds Banish Sex Stereotypes in Classrooms...Feature
Tortured Reasoning...Feature2
Aussies angry and in disbelief over coffee shop attack...Feature3
Federal Judge Says Obama's Immigration Action Unconstitutional...Feature4
FL state capital OKs Satanic Christmas display...Feature5
New Info in Cleveland Police Shooting Clarifies Some Issues...Feature6
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Charitable activities of the Huntington Beach Elks Lodge 1959


HGift Boutique at historic Lake Park Clubhouse


Toy Ride with a Cause


Hawaiian Water Patrol comes to the Rescue


Slater Dominates Round 2 of Billabong Pipe Masters


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The Railroad Hour - Christmas Songs


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