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Farmers Market at Edinger and Gothard

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Munchkins invade Surf City this past weekend..News
(HBCSD) hosting its open enrollment for 2015-16 Preschool Academy...News2
San Clemente sponsoring a mobile document shredding event ...News3
FV Police seek info on shooting victim...News4
Breastfeeding prevents obesity, diabetes and hypertension ...News5
Features and Opinions changes Mondays and Wednesdays
RIP Mr. Spock...Feature
Eric Holder: We need to change the law after Trayvon Martin case...Feature2
There's Nothing Unpatriotic About Challenging Obama on Iran...Feature3
Obama's Highhanded Immigration Hypocrisy...Feature4
TPP, Peace and Conflict – it’s not about trade, it’s about how we trade...Feature5
Federal Judge Says No Second Amendment Right To Own Firearms...Feature6
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Taxing Times Laura on Life At The Movies Grandpa's Heart
Dean Alexander
Laura Snyder
Chris Hill.
Michael Lee Joshua
Nuts and Bolts of an Offer in Compromise
He’s Been Assimilated

It’s Gonna Be a Blowout


Special Guest Columnists
Home Country Medicare Matters American Issues Rock Doc
Slim Randles
David Sayen
Glenn Mollette
Dr. E. Kirsten Peters
Dud Plays a Trick on Doc
Saving Dollars Makes Sense
Militant Crazy Religion, Avoid The Damage
Earth’s Next Epoch


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"They came, they saw, they pushed"


HB Tree Society to host a walk thru the Urban Forest Saturday


Mission Valley/Saddleback Valley Elks initate eight new members


Santa Ana Police seek hit-and-run information 


Ho and Weston-Webb Dominate Roxy Pro in Round 2


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