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Huntington Beach FD hosts Open House

by: HB News staff writer
Posted: October 16, 2017

HUNTINGTON BEACH... Motorists driving along Gothard Street on Saturday morning, October 14th., may have wondered what all the excitement was about has they passed Fire Station 1 just north of Ellis Avenue.

Marine Safety brought over some of their equipment



Some of the fire vehicles waiting to be inspected by the public



Firefighter Tom Dalton answers questions from the public


Three large fire vehicles were parked out in front and parents bringing their children on Saturday to see many of the big red fire engines for this was their annual open house event in recognition of National Fire Prevention Month.

In the days prior to the open house, Sparky, the Fire Dog, the unofficial boss of the station and the only one allowed to "bark out orders " to the crews had barked out his orders to Chief David Segura and all the crews to get ready for this important event.

Sparky ordered that each and every vehicle be polished that he could see himself reflected back and when Sparky barks out an order everyone jumps to work.

During the early mornings, firefighters polished their vehicles so they glistened in the morning sun and those polished red vehicles would now soon be reflecting the young smiling faces of children.

This year was the largest turnout of fire vehicles and the public attendance.

HB Firefighters Association's big grill warms up


The Firefighters Association had their big grill and giving out free food to the long line of hungry people.

HB Fire Chief David Segura answers questions


Right from the opening hour of the fire department's annual Open House event people came walking or in their vehicles in large numbers.

Kids of all ages came to the popular event to see what activities the firefighters had planned for this year's event.

Kids get to sit in one of the fire vehicles


Some of the equipment used to fight a fire or rescue someone


Outside the training facility, the kids spotted the big, red, red fire trucks parked together. Once inside fire crews explained what each of the pieces of equipment on the truck was used for including a small air mat that could lift the weight of two cars that is used to rescue a trapped victim.

Sparky's mentor Lisa Kennedy


On hand this year to explain what to do in the case of emergency was Sparky's mentor, Lisa Kennedy, and members from the city's Emergency Management Response Unit (CERT). Kennedy explained how volunteers help the public in an emergency as firefighters tend to the emergency.

Tours were offered the public that showed where the firefighters ate and slept in the station. One firefighter explained that each firefighters has to pay for their own food, each member of a crew on duty that day would typically put in $10 each to buy food at the local markets for meals.

A line waits to spin the prize wheel


The kids got a chance to sit in one of the fire trucks as parents snapped photos that the kids will remembered for years to come. Paper badges and plastic red helmets were handed out to the youngsters during the event too.

Putting out a fire video game



Kids coloring pictures at one of the game tables



Girls try on hats and coats as mom takes their photo


There were games, coloring, trying on uniforms for the youngsters to do at this year's open house.

This year Council Member Jill Hardy was on hand to see the fire demostrations also with Planning Commissioner Michael Grant and Dan Kalmick, who is running for a seat on the council.

Firefighters showed the public some of the rescue techniques that save the lives of people in burning buildings or trapped vehicles. The public watched these special events that Sparky had planned on the outside area of the station.

Sparky poses with a mother and son


Sparky, of course, had his picture taken with many of the children as such an important person should and many of the young kids gave Sparky a big hug too.

"I'll be back next year"

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