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OSH host Pencil Case Decorating

by: HB News staff writer
Posted: August 21, 2017

HUNTINGTON BEACH...Just in time for the upcoming school year as Orchard Supply Hardware hosted a free back-to school Decorate Your Own Pencil Case at their local Orchard Supply Hardware at Beachmont Plaza in Huntington Beach. 

OSH employee Sherry shows off her decorated pencil case


At the Huntington Beach store at Brookhurst and Adams, OSH employee Sherry who was in charge of helping the youngsters decorate cylinder cardboard containers. She also created her own specially decorated container to show how much fun it is to create your own original looking pencil case.

Sherry shows Breanna (L) the different patterned tapes while Savanna (R) picks out colored pen as their parents look on


Sherry's first guests to try their hand at decorating the cardboard cylinders were a family up from San Diego with their two daughters, Breanna and Savanna.

The youngest Savanna, sitting in her mother's lap while she picked out the patterned tapes and colored pens. Her sister already knew what patterns her pencil case would look like.

The two girls are joined by two boys and their father


Shortly afterward two young boys with their dad joined in the fun.

 The free back-to-school event gave each child a chance to personalize their pencil container from all the other kids containers.

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