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Large turnout at HBFD Open House despite some rain

by: HB News staff writer
Posted: October 15, 2018


Despite the rain, parents brought their youngsters to the Open House


HUNTINGTON BEACH...On Saturday morning the firefighters at Station 1 may have looked out the window at the dark, cloudy weather and may have event remembered that old school saying, "Rain, Rain. go away, come again some other day." It had rained the night before and the clouds foretold of more rain. Rain, that they didn't want to spoil their annual fire open house that morning and keep the youngsters home.

Parents brought their youngsters to the Open House



The HB Firefighters Association's grill was busy cooking hot dogs



Youngsters check out some of the vehicles that are used by the HB Firefighters


The small amount of rain that came down at the start of the event couldn't keep the kids away. and the parking area filled up quickly. Alexis Burgess a member of the Search and Rescue explorer scouts was turning away cars trying to come into the filled area.

Alexis Burgess didn't turn away the big red and white vehicle and let it in


Parents brought their children on Saturday morning, October 17th to see the big red fire engines at Fire Station 1 on Gothard Street. The open house event was in recognition of National Fire Prevention Month. Kids of all ages came with their parents to the popular event and the activities the firefighters had planned for them during the day.

Information about safety was handed out



Lisa Kennedy hands out plastic fire helmets to the kids


Families either walked or drove to the station with their children for their first look at a real fire truck up close and firsthand and to learn about what the firefighters have to do to save your property or life. 

Youngsters of all ages attended this year's Open House


Outside in the training facility yard, the kids spotted the red fire trucks parked together. Once inside fire crews explained what each of the pieces of equipment on the truck was used for including a small air mat that could lift the weight of two cars that is used to rescue a trapped victim.



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