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PCA-OCR Annual Toys for Tots Drive

by: HB News staff writer
Posted: December 11, 2017

HUNTINGTON BEACH...The members of the Porsche Club of America-Orange Coast Region held their annual Toys for Tots drive last Saturday, December 9th at Huntington Beach Central Park west.

Several club members brought their Porsche to the event including Joe Barnet and parked their vehicles along the side of the event and among the other vehicle brand names that visitors drove in.

One of the pieces brought down from Seal Beach and the kids loved to get inside


Once in the event area the kids eyes widen when they first saw the big gun that the Marines brought down.

Guarding the Howitzer and answering questions is Joshua Mitchell


Three large pieces of military equipment was brought down from Seal Beach included a 155mm Howitzer cannon the the kids found most interesting and had plenty of questions to ask of Joshua Mitchell who guarded the piece. Several of the youngsters asked if they could fire the gun, but were disappointed when told not today, we didn't bring the ammunition.

A SWAT member shows off a weapon to a mother while the kids watch



Three Marines: Ascia Martin, Robert Benanidez and Eric Rogers guard the boxes of toys


Our own police department sent two patrol vehicles, a K-9 unit and the SWAT team's huge vehicle to the event. Members of the Huntington Beach SWAT team also had a display of equipment that could be used to uphold the law.

All the way from the North Pole is Santa himself


On hand for the event and all the way from the North Pole was that gift-bringer himself in his red suit and this year looking a bit leaner was Santa, but he still had a lap for the kids to sit on and tell Santa what they wanted for Christmas.

Bonnie Delgado sits on Santa's Lap


Santa asks Al Gutierrez if he was a good boy this year. Well maybe was the reply


Santa even had a couple of adults sit on this lap asking for a new Porsche.

Large boxes quickly filled with new toys as visitors to the park and Porsche members brought new toys to be donated to the Toys for Tots program to make some child smile on Christmas day.

A BBQ lunch was offered to visitors


A BBQ lunch could be had for those hungry members and visitors and a bounce house was provided for the kids to have fun inside.

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