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In a Camera's Eye

by: Josh Sanchez
Published: June 18, 2024


HUNTINGTON BEACH...From time to time the Huntington Beach News will be running In a Camera's Eye of photos by Huntington Beach Photographer Josh Sanchez in the hope seeing what great hidden sights to be found in his travels.

I have started the adventure in London, meeting up with a few classmates from the Marine Science Dept at OCC. I had a day to walk about London and see some of the famous sights. From there we took the train up to St Andrews in Edinburgh for a month of marine science studies, an exchange program with OCC.



I'm having quite the adventure with my studies in Scotland. Weather has been wet, rain, etc. but I'm making the most of it. Here on the Isle of May, about 5 miles off the Scottish coast observing its diverse wildlife. He couldn’t wait to see the puffins.


Photos:Josh Sanchez

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