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It's Cookie Time for Two Young Daisies

by: HB News staff writer
Posted: February 18, 2019


Girl Scout Daisies Holly and Sawyer selling cookies to support their group


HUNTINGTON BEACH...Last Sunday, Feb.17th, began with bright sunlight and blue skies. But as the morning turned into afternoon the clouds appeared and darkened.

By 1:00 p.m. a light rain began to fall that would keep the heartiest of male indoors. But not two young Girl Scouts Daisies, Holly and Sawyer from Troop #7387 from their appoined mission.

That mission is to sell Girl Scout cookies no matter if it was raining, cold and windy, which Sunday afternoon became as the two girls stood in a protected alcove of the Albertson Market in SeaCliff Village to keep warm.

Their table filled with boxes of delicious morsels of goodness. As shoppers exited the market, one or the other young lady would ask if the shopper would like to buy a box of cookies and that is just what several shoppers did.

The two Daisies and their fellow Daisies meet at Newland School.

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