Political correctness is no defense against terrorism

by Mirror

Is it not time to confiscate the passports of those who go to behead people in Syria to stop them returning to Europe to murder our children?
Why can't the preachers who come to the EU to radicalise young men and women not be forced on to the first available flight to Saudi Arabia from where their creed of hate emanates?

Until now these questions were not asked for fear of being branded an extremist or even a racist.

Now it's suddenly dawned on the "fear of offending brigade" that political correctness is a very poor shield against bombs and bullets.

The shocking events in Paris last Friday changed everything and now the public are asking how could these monsters be allowed freely to behead people in Syria and then return to murder young people in the French capital.

Ordinary people find it difficult to understand the religious war that is tearing parts of the Middle East and North Africa asunder and depend on their leaders to make prudent and rational decisions on their behalf.

Unfortunately there has been a serious leadership deficit here and in Europe.

But then again how can anyone understand why anyone would want to murder dozens of people simply because their God deemed they were having far too much fun.

According to the ISIS statement they attacked the Eagles of Death Metal gig because "hundreds of pagans gathered for a concert of prostitution and vice".

How do you deal with people who believe that prostitution is a greater crime than the murder of 129 innocent people?

Perhaps the craziest claims being made in the aftermath of the Paris atrocity were made by those who maintained that the attacks had nothing to do with Islam when nothing could be further from the truth.

For whatever we think of the monsters involved in this barbarism they firmly believed they were slaughtering infidels in the name of Allah and were willing to die in the process.

Refugees fleeing Syria, especially those of the Shia denomination of Islam, know only too well just how fanatical they are about their religion as they are viewed as even beneath Christians and must be killed.

But just a couple of months ago everyone wanted a Syrian refugee, some wanted several - it was getting to the stage where people were getting worried there wouldn't be enough to go round.

Bet there weren't too many takers last Saturday morning and even fewer on Sunday when it was disclosed that a forged Syrian passport was found near the body of a suicide bomber.

The passport may well have been false but it sowed the seeds of doubts and now several EU states are refusing to take any more refugees.

Angela Merkel started the ball rolling offering an open invite to everyone in the Middle East to come to her party in Germany.

Open the borders, she said, and they did and the tide of desperate humanity flowed westwards until the torrent threatened to submerge German society.

Then they tried to close the floodgates after realising basing immigration policy on photographs of a drowned child might not have been a good idea.

At home Joan of Arc fanned the flames of populism offering to take 5,000: "It could be 5,000, I wouldn't like to put an upper limit on it." Why not 50,000?

Meanwhile, on the high seas the Irish Naval service has been saving thousands of desperate people steaming out of North Africa to escape what they are calling the Islamic Apocalypse.

It's a strange kind of set-up. The deal appears to be that the people traffickers take the migrants' cash in exchange for leaving them out at sea in rickety boats for the Naval Service to find.

They then take them anywhere except Ireland as there might be an outcry if thousands of migrants started to land here. See, I told you it was a strange set-up.

So what's the plan, Angela? Are we to take in the entire population of the Middle East or just half and if so can we be sure that there are no ISIS plants?

Tell us Enda, should neutral Ireland be worried about a similar attack here seeing that the US uses the country as a glorified aircraft carrier?

Joan, how would unarmed gardai deal with the situation that confronted the heavily armed Paris gendarmes when they can't cope with a rural crime wave?

In January we said Je suis Charlie. This week it's Je suis Paris. How long will it be before it's Je suis Dublin?

It was Je suis Charlie. How long before it's Je suis Dublin?

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