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Newport Beach Police have a nice little arrest story

by: Newport Beach PD
Posted: August 19, 2017

NEWPORT BEACH...Here is a recap of an arrest by Newport Beach Police officers.

It all begins on a Thursday morning August 17,2-17, just after the stroke of midnight. Newport Beach officers out on patrol near Prospect and Coast Highway. They spot a black Honda with a busted headlight. 

A black Honda with a busted headlight in a left-turn lane. 

A black Honda with a busted headlight that then goes STRAIGHT from that left-turn lane. 

A black Honda with a busted headlight that CUTS OFF THE OFFICERS when it goes straight from the left-turn lane. 

To recap: illegal, eh, illegal again, rude.  Wee-ooh-wee-ooh-wee-ooh! Lights-and-sirens time! 

The Honda stops in a parking lot and our officers approach the car for a chat. They find a guy inside, and immediately hit a snag with the whole license-and-registration thing… our guy is driving on a suspended license. He ALSO has a yellow pill that he keeps fiddling with, which is a little odd. 

Is it a good luck charm? The start of an inappropriately-timed magic trick?? One of those cool capsules that expands into a dinosaur when you soak it in water?? Or, ya know, maybe it's just a pill? Let's listen in on a (totally fabricated) conversation to figure out what’s going on.

Officer: So, I gotta ask... What’s up with the pill?
Guy: Oh, this? It’s half a Xanax. I take a lot of Xanax. Don’t worry, I have a prescription for it.
Officer: Yeah?
Guy: Yeah… it’s around here somewhere…
<here, imagine a frantic search through the center console and a nearby backpack, with multiple baggies of pills comically flying through the air> 
Guy: <proudly> Found it!

So… all those little baggies? They are each filled with a few capsules, which in turn are filled with a brownish crystalline substance. The officer immediately recognizes it as MDMA… better known as Molly or Ecstasy. And, on further inspection, this guy's got a bunch more baggies, each filled with a few capsules of Xanax or Flexeril. 

Officer: What's up with all the baggies?
Guy: Oh, I like to divvy up my Xanax so I don’t have to carry it all around with me.
Officer: And… the Flexeril and Molly?
Guy: <shocked> Huh? What? How did that get here???!!??!

Oddly enough, the officers ask him the *very same* question! this is way more stuff than one would need for "personal use".

After a good hard think, the guy posits a possible explanation: He was recently at a music festival with some friends. He was designated as the responsible “sober” one, and thus was limiting himself to "just marijuana and alcohol". He’s not sure WHAT his friends were up to, those crazy kids... but it must have involved putting a bunch of pills into his little baggies and then stashing them in his backpack, man.  Uh-huh…

As compelling as his explanations are, the officers confer and (unsurprisingly) agree: this guy is most likely dealing drugs. He’s off to jail for driving on a suspended license, possession of a controlled substance, and transportation of a controlled substance with the intent to sell. His probation officer, when consulted, adds another charge: a probation hold (which means he can’t bail out of jail).

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