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Lawsuit Update: Attorney General Appeals Judge's Decision to Rewrite Ballot Statement

by: Stephanie Freedman
Posted: October 16, 2017

HUNTINGTON BEACH...Assemblyman Travis Allen announced that Attorney General Xavier Becerra decided to appeal the decision of the Sacramento Superior Court to rewrite his misleading title and summary for the Repeal the Gas Tax Initiative.  

"It's clear that the Attorney General believes he is above the law and unbeholden to the California people, the courts, and the Constitution," said Assemblyman Travis Allen. "His deceptive and arrogant behavior shows that his allegiance is to one person only - his appointer, Jerry Brown. Rather than upholding his Constitutional duty to the citizens of California to write a true and impartial summary for the Repeal of the Gas Tax, Becerra is now fighting with taxpayer dollars to ensure that special interests receive their $52 billion payday." 

The Attorney General's initial title and summary for the Repeal of the Gas Tax initiative was found to be so biased by California's Superior Court that the judge relieved the AG of his duties.  In  order to ensure that the voters received an honest understanding of the initiative, Judge Timothy Frawley wrote a fair and balanced title and summary himself. The Attorney General is now appealing the Superior Court's decision to the 3rd Appellate District Court of Appeal.  

"Just as we won in California Superior Court we will also win in Appellate Court. The people of California deserve the right to vote on whether or not they want a tax increase, and they deserve an impartial ballot title and summary that explains exactly what the Repeal of the Gas Tax will do - repeal California's largest ever gas and vehicle registration fee increase." 

Enterprise Counsel Group ALC (ECG) is representing Assemblyman Allen. ECG is a business litigation, appeals and transactional firm in Irvine, CA that serves clients across the country.  ECG has extensive experience in successfully representing officeholders and candidates in election contests in local, state, and federal offices.  For further information, please contact Benjamin P. Pugh or Garrett M. Fahy at (949) 833-8550. 

***You can read Assemblyman Allen's op-ed in the Sacramento Bee on the issue here.

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