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Two Thousand Plus


Flying Saucers

August 23, 1950


"Let us send our imaginations forward in time  into the years beyond 2000AD. What strange  adventures, what exciting things will we find in the world of tomorrow? 2000 Plus!"

wo Thousand Plus is known as the first of the network science fiction shows, although it ran on Mutual just a month prior to the introduction of the landmark series, Dimension X. It was a half hour of science fiction wonder in an exciting package.

Listened to now, in the actual time of the show, the stories have a charm that is always present in science fiction of the future that is written in the past. "When The Worlds Met" takes place "at the giant space port in Washington, temporary capitol of the federated world government as in April 21, 2000 Plus 20 (2020) crowds throng as audio and televox networks cover a space ship carrying in its space hold the first load of uranium taken from the pits of Luna, satellite of Earth. "The Green Thing" (with pink eyes, and long stalks) is "a story of a horrible nightmare that wouldn't stop, even when the dreamer woke up, in the year 2000 plus 175". "A Veteran Comes Home" is about a space soldier's return from Mars to his anxiously awaiting wife and son he never saw. It's a touching (anti) war story that is as much about the early 1950s as it is about the future, as it first aired when President Truman was committing American troops to the UN Action in Korea.

The shows have intense music and acting that typify1950s "outer space" themes highlighting our fears in the post-WWII atomic and cold war eras. Sherman H. Dryer, who also produced the show, directs good radio actors such as Joseph Julian, Bill Keen, Lon Clark, Amzie Strickland and Bryna Raeburn. The shows are highlighted with dramatic orchestral music, written by composer Elliott Jacoby and conducted by Emerson Buckley.

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