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Memorial Day is special for the Orange Elks

by: Bill Neessen
Published: May 29, 2023


ORANGE...Memorial Day is an incredibly special day for the Orange Elks Lodge. It is a time we come to remember those men and women who fought for us and honor those who made the ultimate sacrifice for our freedom.

Just in case you forget what Memorial Day means! There is nothing happy about it. So please think twice before you say, Happy Memorial Day someone. They may be missing their son, daughter, mother, father, sister, brother, or friend!

Our Lodge members placed flags on their grave sites. On many grave markers coins were observed. Each coin has a special meaning.


Each year, a Memorial Day Observance is held at the Santa Ana Cemetery and at the Fairhaven Cemetery.

Placing a wreath in honor of our fallen Hero's at the Tri-City Memorial Day Observance were Brian and Stephanie Fitzpatrick and Janine Strom. (L-R).



At the Fairhaven Memorial Day Service, Clark Balvanz, Janine Strom, Stephanie and Brian Fitzpatrick. (L-R).

“As long as there is a Vet, the Orange Elks will never forget”. Photos:OrangeElks


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