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by: Chris MacDonald
Posted: October 15, 2018

HUNTINGTON BEACH...My compliments to The Sunset Beach Woman's Club. I went to one of their meetings Yesterday and Dawn McCormack The President and the entire club was very friendly and they do much good in that area.

A Very Happy Birthday to the following people. They are: Sunset Beach Antiques Of The Sea Propreitor Eric Bakker, Huntington Beach Calvary Chapel of The Harbour Member Mary Gonzales, Newport Beach Compass Properties Realtor Michael Brinkley, Huntington Beach Lender Alan Attardo, Huntington Beach First Team Realtor Beth McCloskey, Huntington Beach International Surfing Museum Director Diana Dehm and Huntington Beach Seven Gables Realtor Denise Scandura.

Huntington Beach Public Works Department Director Travis Hopkins Assistant Kirsty Wapner Said: Shipley Nature Center Parking Lot Visitors to the Shipley Nature Center in Central Park have been parking in a dirt parking lot for years. As part of the Central Park Master Plan, over the last month, Public Works has managed the work performed by the General Contractor, GMC Engineering to install a permanent, asphalt paved, parking lot, which is nearly completed…on time and within budget. Features of the new parking lot contains 41 marked spaces including a bus drop-off area and parking spaces/access pathways for individuals with disabilities. Pedestrian sidewalks were constructed around the perimeter of the parking lot to provide hardscape access to pathways leading to the Shipley Nature Center. In addition, lodge pole fencing and LED parking lot lights were installed on the perimeter of the sidewalks. A block wall trash enclosure was added to provide containment and reduce any blight from the onsite trash bins. In addition, all surface water runoff from the parking lot will be drained into adjacent landscape areas including a new landscape median in the center of the lot.

Mayor Posey presented a certificate of commendation to the newly reformed Huntington Beach Women’s Club. After the fire that destroyed their building 2011, the Women’s Club disbanded. Recognizing the important work done by the Club up to that point, Chana Warnock reached out to community leaders and has reformed the club and established its non-profit status. The newly adopted slogan, “Helping Because We Can” is illustrative of the goals. The Newland House was the venue for the kickoff meeting held last Saturday and there were over 100 interested parties in attendance. Chana delivered a heartfelt speech to the audience followed by the commendation presentation by the Mayor. The Huntington Beach Women’s Club is certainly a welcome addition to the philanthropic landscape found in Huntington Beach and we look forward to the great things that will accomplish.

Coming Monday, October the 15th, the Mayor will bringing forward to significant agenda items and one item on the Consent Calendar he plans to pull for discussion. The Consent Calendar item, approved by the City’s Intergovernmental Relations Committee directs staff to work with our State Legislature and the City’s legislative affairs consultant to draft a bill to redefine property tax apportionment. Orange County has been classified as a rural county since 1978 and as such receives fewer tax dollars than counties identified as urban. This disparity is quite pronounced when you compare Los Angeles County and Orange County. For every dollar sent to Sacramento form Orange County, the county receives about .06. LA receives about .24. This action has the attention of the County Board of Supervisors and it is expected that other Orange County cities will follow our lead. The agenda items include one on directing the City Attorney’s office to seek relief from the recent CalPERS (public pension fund) reduction in the discount rate. This reduction caused thee City’s employer contributions to increase in 2019 by $5,000,000. The other agenda item is to direct the City’s Finance Department to calculate the City’s financial impact resultant from 2011’s Assembly Bill 109 that released incarcerated individuals from State Prison back to the cities and counties affecting local budgets. The objective is to determine Huntington Beach’s losses and appeal for state funding equal to those losses from the Sate’s Unfunded Mandate Board. These three measures are demonstrative of the Mayor’s goal of Retain and Regain Local Control. If the City is successful one or all three, his measures will have restored some funding to improve the quality of life for all residents.

From Huntington Beach City Councilman Patrick Brenden, these are highlights from the City Council Agenda for October 15th.


REGULAR MEETING: Starts at 6pm CITY ATTORNEY REPORTS: The City Attorney will be reporting on two items: 1) Court ruling on the City's lawsuit against the State regarding SB54, the Sanctuary State Law; 2) Filing of new lawsuits in the City's battle to combat illegal businesses, including illegal residential rehabilitation treatment facilities.

CONSENT CALENDAR: 1) Council will consider adopting positions on three matters of pending legislation. The first item proposes a position of support for HR 5724 which is Congressman Rohrabacher's bill "Restoring Community Oversight of Sober Living Homes". The second item proposes a position of oppose for recently proposed regulations from the Bureau of Cannabis Control. The third item proposes that City staff and the City's State Advocate work with State legislators and County of Orange staff to craft potential legislation to examine the State's property tax apportionment system. The current system was established many years ago when Orange County was considered a "rural" area. As such, funding from Sacramento for Orange County is inadequate for a "suburban" area.

2) Council will consider adoption of a resolution declaring the intention to renew the HB Tourism Business Improvement District with changes that were recently proposed. Those changes will increase the total "bed tax" from 13% to 14% and will increase the City's receipts from 9% to 10%. 3) Council will consider adopting amendments to Municipal Code relating to oversized vehicles.

PUBLIC HEARING: 1) Council will consider approving various elements of the Sea Dance Residential Development which will be upon the site of the former Franklin Elementary School. ADMINISTRATIVE ITEMS: 1) Council will consider approval for introduction of a new Ordinance that will ban Shared Mobility Device services from operating within the City.

2) Council will consider adoption of tentative agreements with three labor groups including the Municipal Employees' Association, the Management Employees' Organization and the Firefighters' Association.

COUNCIL MEMBER ITEMS: 1) In an item brought by Mayor Mike Posey, Council will consider directing the City Attorney to explore legal remedies that would hold CalPERS accountable to their fiduciary responsibilities.

2) In another item from Mayor Posey, Council will consider directing staff to file a claim with the Commission on State Mandates related to the financial impacts from implementation of AB109, which pushed prisoners from the State Prison system down to the County Jail system and resulted in early release of non-violent offenders. This legislation has been cited as one of the big reasons for the increase in homelessness and petty crime.

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