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Huntington Beach to Honor our Veterans Monday

by: HB News staff writer
Posted: May 21, 2019

HUNTINGTON BEACH...American patriotism is both alive and well in Huntington Beach and nowhere is it stronger then in Orange County when veterans, their families and relatives who have had veterans who have died in past wars, come to remember on Memorial Day at the historic Huntington Beach Pier Plaza, hosted by the Huntington Beach American Legion Post 133.

On Monday, May 27th at 11 a.m. hundreds of people will fill plaza seats and many more will watch this hallowed event from the top of the pier.

Each of the wars that America has engaged in, from the Revolutionary War to today's conflicts, Americans have answered the call to arms to keep American people free to live without fear, no matter what the cost.

The blood of American Veterans, both men and women, have given their lives to their country so that the living can remain free.

Remember, that the names being called out and that appear on the Civic Center War Memorial who have given their lives for America, may in the future contain the names of friends or relatives of yours if you just sit back and do nothing today.

In today's times it is even more important that people stand up and remember our Veterans stationed here and abroad.

Remembering scenes on the news of people here in American burning our flag, protesting against something or those who speak against our freely elected president, our elective officials or our local government, could not have done so if it hadn't been for all the Veterans who have fought to allow people today to be able to do that.

Show you are an American patriot and attend, remember, and never forget, what our Veterans have done or what they doing today to keep America's enemies from destroying America's freedoms.

Attend a memorial service, place flowers on a relative's grave, say a little prayer at the dinner table that a terrorist here or abroad doesn't kill an American Veteran. or just stand up to those who protest for American's enemies at our borders or inside our homeland, who want to take away your right to live free withour fear.


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