District's sex-ed plan steps over the legal line: Liberty Counsel

by: Bob Kellogg
Published: May 21, 2018

A public school district in Arizona is implementing sex-ed curriculum described as "obscene" and "harmful to minors" – and in doing so, says the head of a religious rights organization, the district is violating state law.

Tucson's Sunnyside Unified School District is preparing to implement a curriculum known as "Rights. Respect. Responsibility" (3Rs) to students beginning at the kindergarten level. Liberty Counsel is representing concerned parents and residents against the material. Mat Staver, founder of the legal group, says the material is totally inappropriate.

"This is a pro-human sexuality unbridled by any kind of morality or restriction – that's dangerous," he tells OneNewsNow. "It doesn't tell them about the medical consequences, the health consequences, the emotional risk. And if they do get pregnant, well, they've got that covered as well: they can kill their child by going to a Planned Parenthood abortion clinic."

According to Liberty Counsel, the material contains graphic gynecological illustrations for kindergarten through second graders and for fifth graders; a wooden "condom demonstrator" for eighth graders; and the covers of multiple pornographic and homosexual magazines for classroom discussion with 12th graders. Advocates for Youth, a partner with Planned Parenthood, developed the curriculum.

Staver says when it introduces the material to its students, the district will violate the law in several respects.

"They're violating the law by not having abstinence-based information in the curriculum. They're violating the law by not preferring adoption over abortion – they have no mention of adoption," the attorney explains. "They're also violating the rights of the parents by not giving them any advance notice."

Liberty Counsel has written a "cease and desist" letter asking the school to abandon the dangerous curriculum.

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