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Veteran Administration and the  Department of Defense are funding 2 clinical trials using the Nexalin Medical Device

by: Jim Reiber
Posted: May 21, 2019


HUNTINGTON BEACH...Jim Reiber, the director of shareholder relations for Nexalin Technology, a Texas Company that started in Orange County said it has reached a Milestone in its marketing program. On May 13 of this month the University of San Diego, one of the largest medical device research universities in the USA, received permission to include Nexalin in a clinical trial they were conducting. In just 20 calendar days the University received written approval from the VA for their request. Nexalin found it very exciting that the VA understood the potential benefit of using Nexalin’s medical device to help those suffering from substance and alcohol dependency. The VA is completing funding for that study which means when success is proven; VA locations should be very excited to Use Nexalin to help our Veterans. Nexalin has been successful for years in Recovery Centers across the company as an aid in their treatment for those suffering from that illness. The Broadway Recovery Center in Huntington Beach was the 1st Treatment Center in California to offer Nexalin for their clients many years ago.

Mr. Reiber doubled up the good news by reporting that the University of San Diego applied for and received a grant from the Department of Defense for a new Pilot Clinical Trial using Nexalin to treat Traumatic Brain Injury (T.B.I.) in our Military. it looks like it took the DOD a very  short time  to approve and fund that study. This is another study that should prove Nexalin’s value not only for those in the Military or VA that suffer from Traumatic Brain Injury, but all that suffer from that terrible illness. Jim is very quick to point out the potential benefits for all sports participants, especially those in all levels of football (High School, College and Professional).

Nexalin is a safe, non-invasive and drug free treatment that is already cleared by the FDA for the treatment of anxiety, depression and insomnia. The Nexalin device emits a patented, frequency-based waveform that interacts with structures of the mid-brain that help to regulate and stabilize neurochemicals.

The Nexalin device transmits a gentle, undetectable frequency-based waveform that is administered via electrode pads. While you recline comfortably in a softly lit room, a trained and certified Nexalin technician will place the medical grade conductive pads on your forehead and behind each ear. Sessions last 40 minutes and patients report that a 2 to 3-week Nexalin treatment regimen has reduced their reported symptoms. The hypothesis is that Nexalin stimulates the hypothalamus and areas of the brain associated with mood control.

It is very exciting the Federal Government if starting to fund Nexalin Clinical Trials. Universities across the county have been conducting clinical trails at a discount from their usual rates to try to get the word out about Nexalin’s success rates and safety. For additional information Mr. Reiber can be reached at 714.605.5758.

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