Welcome Friends to the
Newland House Museum

The Newland House Museum (pictured above) is the oldest residence built in the city of Huntington Beach and is maintained by the Huntington Beach Historical Society for all to see.

This house was built in 1898 for Huntington Beach pioneers William and Mary Newland and their ten children.

The original Newland ranch extended from Beach Blvd. to Magnolia and from Yorktown south to Atlanta for a total of 500+ acres in which they planted lima beans, sugar beets, celery and later chili peppers. The house is open for tours to the public.


You could see for miles and miles from the Newland Ranch in 1948


The Newland House as it looked in 1948


Saturday - Sunday 1st and 3rd weekends of the month
(new open hours) 8 a.m. - 12 Noon.

Admission:  Adults $2.00   Kids $1.00 (12 and under)

Museum is located at 19820 Beach Boulevard in Huntington Beach

The museum is closed on major holidays and rainy days


For a quick tour of the historic Newland House Museum CLICK HERE



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