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VALLEJO, CA - Updated May 27, 2016...Wednesday when deputies responded to multiple calls of shots fired at the I-780 pedestrian over-crossing near Vallejo, which lies some 30 miles northeast of San Francisco. A witness reported seeing a girl bleeding and screaming for help as a man pulled her on the over-crossing, according to a post on the Solano County Sheriff's Office's Facebook page.

Pearl Pinson


The witness reported hearing a gunshot and told deputies the man had a firearm. Blood was later found on the ground, but investigators did not locate anyone in the area, the post stated.

CHP officers, aided by a Santa Barbara County sheriff/fire helicopter, chased the suspect, who at one point drove the wrong way on the freeway before he exited in Buellton.

Sheriff's deputies joined the pursuit through Buellton and Solvang, ending at a mobile home park, when the suspect crashed into a barricade at 3:34 p.m., officials said.

He shot at deputies, who fired back, according to the Santa Barbara County Sheriff's Office. He then barricaded himself inside a mobile, while a woman inside the home fled uninjured. He stole a pickup truck and tried to drive away, but deputies engaged in a shootout with him. He was found dead inside with multiple gunshot wounds. A handgun was recovered.

Fernando Castro


Authorities believe Pearl Pinson was abducted by Castro. A witness reported seeing a girl with a bleeding face pleading for someone to help her as a man armed with a handgun pulled her along. Officials say the witness ran for assistance and heard a gunshot.

Deputies found what appeared to be blood on the overpass. Pinson has not been seen since the incident.

Pinson was described as a white female, around 5 feet 3 inches tall, weighing around 130 pounds with dyed green hair and green eyes. She was last seen wearing a gray sweater, black leggings and a black and turquoise backpack.




If child is located please call 911 or the Solano Sheriff's Department (707) 784-1963. Photos:SSD



HUNTINGTON BEACH...On Wednesday morning, May 25, 2016, Huntington Surf & Sport at Main Street and Pacific Coast Highway in Surf City USA held their Grand Reopening and ribbon cutting ceremony.

Members of the surfing community were on hand to watch or to speak about the early days of surfing including locals Peter P.T. Townend and Ryan Turner. Included in the large audience were Public Information Officer Julie Toledo and former city councilman Keith Bohr.

Huntington Surf & Sport at PCH and 15th Street in 1984


Huntington Surf & Sport first opened their surf shop in Huntington Beach in 1978 at 15th Street and Pacific Coast Highway. When the original owners wanted to sell the business, they sold it to one of their employees, Aarom Pai, in 1979.

Surfers, VIPs, friends, and the public gather for the reopening


Aaron Pai with Julie Toledo from the city's PIO


This was a time when the surfing industry was booming and by 1987 Pai was able to open another location at Warner Ave and PCH. When redevelopment of the 1980s cleared the businesses at the corner of Main St. and PCH a local war broke out as to who would occupy the corner, with Pai winning.

Crowd listens to the ceremony at Main and PCH


One of the speakers at the reopening


Jan's Health Bar opened inside the newly constructed building having moved from George's Surf Shop on main St. In 1997 Pai created the Surfers Hall of Fame inside the building, later to be moved out in front of the business. Now the best surfers would be inducted with their hand and foot prints in cement squares for everyone to see.

During the Garnd Reopening ceremony, Aaron Pai handed the leadership of the business over to his three children, Trevor, Taylor and Ashlyn.


SANTA MONICA...WSL Holdings, the parent company of the World Surf League (WSL), today announced an agreement in principle to acquire a majority stake in the Kelly Slater Wave Company (KSWC).The partnership between the WSL and KSWC will be dedicated to promoting the growth of high-performance surfing around the world. KSWC’s revolutionary technology creates a number of possibilities for the future of the sport.The WSL and the KSWC envision the build-out of a global network of WSL-branded high-performance training centers utilizing this wave technology.

10 Years of Science - Ruler Edge Barrel. Photo:ToddGlaser


For Kelly Slater, the 11-time world champion, the creation of this wave technology is the realization of a lifelong dream and a 10-year project, and today’s announcement brings his two worlds together. “While surfing for me will always be about adventure, travel and the ocean, this wave brings a new opportunity to the sport without taking away the soulfulness that attracted many of us to surfing in first place,” said Slater. “Surfing great waves in a controlled environment adds a new dimension, as there is no hassling for waves, no stress over who got the best wave – they are all good. Everyone can relax, have fun and focus on improving their surfing.”

“It’s beyond my dreams that this wave will be a canvas for the global advancement of this great sport in partnership with the WSL,” he added. “It will democratize surfing and provide incredible training opportunities for athletes as well as aspirational surfers in areas with no ocean waves.”

The WSL sanctions and organizes the highest-level professional surfing competitions for men, women, big wave, longboarders and juniors.

“The WSL proudly represents the best in men’s and women’s competitive surfing globally, and the amazing man-made wave technology developed by Kelly Slater and his team is a revolutionary innovation that has the power to dramatically enhance every aspect of our sport,” said Paul Speaker, CEO of the WSL. “We share the same vision and passion for growing high-performance surfing, and are beyond excited to work together under one roof to bring the sport to levels and places never before possible.”

KSWC technology creates an opportunity for surfers to practice and develop ever-higher levels of performance in a repeating environment, with unprecedented opportunities for surrounding camera and sensor arrays providing immediate and perfectly accurate feedback on their progress. This is the first repeatable man-made wave that convincingly delivers the power and shape of ocean waves most sought after by accomplished surfers, including a hollow barrel allowing for long tube rides. While high-performance surfing is the core mission of both the WSL and the KSWC, the wave technology is flexible and can also create variable waves for beginner and intermediate surfers.

WSL Commissioner Kieren Perrow recently visited the first KSWC site, and said the wave surpassed his expectations. “Up until a few weeks ago, I had never ridden Kelly’s Wave, and when I did, I was blown away by the experience,” Perrow said. “It is incredible to see this wave in action — it has more energy and power than I expected and this technology holds a lot of potential for the future development of surfers just starting out and those already competing on our Championship Tour."

While competition in a man-made environment will offer previously impossible opportunities such as the creation of surrounding spectator environments, as well as certainty of scheduling, WSL CEO Speaker emphasized that nothing could ever replace the magic and mystery of world-class competition in the ocean. “We do believe that all stakeholders – athletes, fans, broadcast and corporate partners – will be super energized by the advent of Championship Tour-level competition with man-made waves,” he said, “but the ocean will always be our home, and the great waves on our tour will always remain the backbone of our competitive schedule.”

Speaker added: “No firm plans have been made for the inclusion of a man-made wave-based competition. We will be evaluating all the possibilities in the coming months with the Commissioners’ Office and the WSL athletes.”

WSL Holdings is the parent company of the World Surf League (WSL). The transaction is subject to the negotiation of mutually agreeable definitive documentation, among other customary conditions. Both WSL and KSWC will continue to operate independently as separate entities following the closing of a transaction. Financial details of the acquisition were not disclosed.

Kelly Slater Wave Company (KSWC) is an innovative wave technology company. KSWC is the first company to develop a formula that combines cutting edge science, engineering and design to create the longest, open-barrel, high-performance wave in existence. The wave system can mimic the power, speed and experience found in the best ocean waves. As envisioned by 11-time world champion Kelly Slater, KSWC was created to evolve the sport of surfing by making it more accessible. The company is creating world-class, high-performance training centers where top athletes can perfect their talent. In addition, the company is looking at development applications for surfers of any level to enjoy the best man-made waves.



HUNTINGTON BEACH...The following people were arrested on suspicion of driving under the influence of an intoxicant. They have only been arrested on suspicion of a crime and, as with all crimes, are considered innocent until proven guilty.

  • Ian S. Vedder, 19, Huntington Beach
  • Laura K. Guillen, 26, Santa Ana
  • Michael A. Harris, 51, Huntington Beach
  • Sarah M. E. Thompson, 25, Costa Mesa
  • Rachel L. Baldwin, 30, Huntington Beach
  • Vishal Uy, 34, Long Beach
  • Andrew M. Padilla, 50, Huntington Beach
  • David Salicido, 57, Norwalk
  • Donald W. Dominguez, 31, Huntington Beach
  • Linda A. Tyner, 57, Westminster
  • Jeffrey T. Gonzell, 30, Huntington Beach
  • Chris T. Cleary, 33, Desert Hot Springs



HUNTINGTON BEACH...Sunday morning, May 22nd several young hopefuls gathered at the Lifeguard Headquarters basement to begin their tryouts to become a Huntington Beach lifeguard. During the morning briefing, the new cadets sat listening to what is expected of those chosen among them as not all will be chosen. All the applicants must be 17 years of age by June 1, 2016.

Seasoned officers described the route around and through the pier for the first tryout elimination. Once the briefing session ended, the cadets and several seasoned Huntington Beach lifeguards headed to the Huntington Beach Municipal Pier to begin.

Chaplain Bill Richardson watches the new cadets


Regular Huntington Beach lifeguards wait to help the cadets in the tryouts


The performance exam consisted of three physical events: a 1,000-yard ocean swim, a 500-yard ocean swim, and a 1,500-yard run-swim-run. All events are conducted in prevailing ocean conditions Applicants must satisfactorily complete all performance exam events to be eligible for further consideration.

This fisherman had to be asked to reel in his line a second time by lifeguards


Just prior to the start of the swim around the pier, lifeguards asked fishermen on the pier to reel in the lines so the hooks would not harm the swimmers. Most did, but a couple of the fishermen didn't and had to be asked a second time.

Starting of the around the pier swim


The public watched and waited for the first swimmers to return to shore

The top qualified candidates of Saturday's exam were invited back for an oral interview on the afternoon of Sunday, May 22. Based on the combined results of the performance exam and the oral interview, the top qualified candidates will be invited into the Lifeguard Academy.

Watch as the swimmers round the pier in this youTube video.

The starting pay is $16.99 per hour (plus 5 percent for EMT certification and 5 percent for passing a bilingual examination).



HUNTINGTON BEACH...On Sunday, May 22, when most high school students were sleeping in or heading for the beach, six Marina High School students came to Ralphs Market on Garfield and Goldenwest to help raise funds with a bake sale for the school's Pediatric Trauma Program.

"We raised $265 dollars to donate towards PTP (Pediatric Trauma Program). Marina Key Club would like to say thank you so much for everyone who has supported our club," said Melissa Soong. "We would not have been able to raise this much without the support of the Huntington Beach Residents." "I would be more than happy to answer any questions, comments, or accept any
donations, so feel free to shoot me an email."

Each of the six students are members of the school's Key Club. People wishing to donate to the program or get information can contact Melissa Soong, Marina Key Club president at


Marina Key Club, based at Marina High School, is a community service club for high schoolers, and we have similar goals like the Huntington Beach Kiwanis Program, to help and serve the community. Our advisor Debbie Briscoe is always there to support us with whatever we need, chaperones, funds, anything! So, we have events every weekend, from volunteering at runs and races to assisting the seniors at the Rodger E Senior Center, we try to participate in community events as much as possible. We help beautify the Bolsa Chica Wetlands, plant trees and remove weeds with the HB Tree Society, and much more!


HUNTINGTON BEACH...The U.S. national average for a gallon of gasoline rose 6.1 cents in the last week to $2.287 per gallon this morning, according to fuel-price tracker GasBuddy. While gas prices this morning stand nearly 15 cents higher than a month ago, they remain 46 cents lower than last year's $2.75 per gallon.

49 of 50 states saw average gasoline prices climb last week, a rise from the 34 states that saw increases the week prior as crude oil prices continued holding near their 2016 peak price of $48.50 per barrel.

Leading states higher was Ohio (up 13.3 cents), Michigan (up 13.1 cents), Indiana (up 11.4 cents), Minnesota (up 11.2 cents) and Nebraska (up 9.0 cents). The Midwest continued to see the highest jumps at the pump as maintenance and tightness in gasoline supply persist, thanks to demand rising 7.2 percent over last year and lackluster gasoline production from refiners, due to an extensive maintenance season that has yielded lower than normal utilization at the region's refineries.

However, looking back to last year, motorists still are paying far less. Average fuel prices in San Diego, California lead the nation with the biggest yearly drop: $1.12/gallon. Following are Los Angeles (down $1.117/gal), Orange County (down $1.115/gal), Ventura (down $1.100/gal) and San Bernardino (down $1.095/gal). The list is dominated by West Coast cities who were hit hardest last year after ExxonMobil's Torrance refinery exploded, leaving gasoline supply in a crisis. The Torrance refinery recently restarted.

The switchover to summer gasoline is nearly complete countrywide with retailers purging out any remaining winter gasoline ahead of a deadline from EPA stipulating that by June 1 all gasoline sold must be the cleaner summer blend of gasoline to meet Clean Air Act requirements.

Crude oil prices have also weighed heavily on retail gasoline prices as domestic oil production continues to drop some 8 percent versus its peak last summer. While motorists have heard of the "glut" of oil, many may not fully grasp that while oil inventories are some 59.1 million barrels higher than last year, those 59 million barrels represent less than three days of supply, as the U.S. consumes over 20 million barrels of oil per day. At that pace of consumption, total U.S. oil inventories of 541.3 million barrels would last 27 days. As oil production in the U.S. has declined, production issues across the globe have come into focus as well, including short-term outages in Canada as a result of forest fires, and in the Middle East.

For the first time in months, no state has an average gasoline price under $2 per gallon. Mississippi lays claim to being the closest: $2.04/gallon, followed by South Carolina ($2.049), Louisiana ($2.055), Arkansas ($2.057) and Oklahoma ($2.058). While sub-$2/gallon gas is harder to find, the average price in some metro areas in the U.S. still start with a "1": Tucson, AZ, Lubbock, TX, Springfield, MO, Corpus Christi, TX and San Antonio, TX.

While gasoline prices have increased over 60 cents from their low in February, there may be a peak hit in the next few weeks as refiners finish remaining maintenance and crank up production. GasBuddy expects the national average be $2.29/gallon on Memorial Day and peak in the $2.30s in early June before declining and spending much of the summer in the low $2 per gallon range.




HUNTINGTON BEACH...This past weekend had near perfect weather and with the temperatures in the low 70s, visitors streamed to the beach. The weather also brought out the panhandlers on Beggar's Alley (Beach Boulevard) and at stores and shopping center entrances, to fleece money from tourists and locals.


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