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HUNTINGTON BEACH...On Sunday, June 28th the warm sun came early to warm beach visitors on the sand. It was the kind of morning that is perfect for surfing, picnic on the beach or just watching people.

By late afternoon the low clouds rolled in the the weather turned cool and windy. June gloom was giving its last effort before the hot summer temperatures arrive.

Over in Huntington Central Park people were feeling blue. Members of the popular Huntington Beach Concert Band were feeling blue and even wore blue T-shirts. Three television crew members video taping the first concert of the band's free summer series were feeling blue.

Was it the weather change that made everyone listening to the concert feel blue?

No, the 75+ member band were featuring the blues in their music as each selection pertained to the blues.

Tom Ridley leads the Huntington Beach Concert Band


As director Tom Ridley lifted his baton to the first number, Blue Skies, members in the audience knew they were in for a special treat of blues music.

View a short video of the first number, Blue Skies in Flash


For this first performance the band shared the amphitheater with another musical instrument, a Yamaha grand piano from Keyboard Concepts.

Ann Patrick Green at the Yamaha piano


As the first number concluded, Ridley introduced the featured performer who would be playing the Yamaha, Ann Patrick Green. The selection that Green chose to chase the blues away was Gershwin's Rhapsody in Blue.

The band plays along with Green in Gershwin's Rhapsody in Blue


In the thirteen minutes that the selection, not a word or sound from the audience as they listened and watched has Green's fingers flashed across the piano's keyboard striking note and note that would have made Gershwin proud.

View a video of the performance of Gershwin's Rhapsody in Blue in Flash


Ann Patrick Green returns to her seat after her performance


Throughout the 90-minute concert, Ridley and the band performed music that had 'Blues" in the title or in the selection itself and the audience reacted to wild excitement and enjoyment.

HB Mayor Pro Tem Jim Katapodis listens and watches the concert


In among the hundreds of people sitting on lawn chair, blankets or on the bare lawn, was Huntington Beach Mayor Pro tem Jim Katapodis and his family who enjoyed the performances.

Ann Patrick Green (Photo by Gus Marsh)


In among the many blues selection, the band played W.C. Handy's famous "Saint Louis Blues" and the audience enjoyed that with a bit of toe tapping and hand clapping.

One of the two donation tables. Seated with Ann Patrick Green are Hannah and Heather from the concert band


Ending the concert performance included a medley from "The Blue and the Gray' and parting a bit from the blues, Ridley and the band play "America."

Even these four-legged music lovers enjoyed the concert


Next Sunday, July 5th. will feature in the free concert in the park members of the popular Night Blooming Jazzmen, a traditional Dixieland band that has played in the summer series for the past several years.

Distant view of the band (Photo by: Gus Marsh)


The free concert begins at 5:00 p.m. behind the Huntington Central Library, so bring a chair, or blanket, maybe a basket for a picnic of food or drink and a big smile, for you're going to enjoy the entire series of music this year.

A view of the Concet Band (Photo by: Gus Marsh)



HUNTINGTON BEACH...The following people were arrested on suspicion of driving under the influence of an intoxicant. They have only been arrested on suspicion of a crime and, as with all crimes, are considered innocent until proven guilty.

  • Jose M. Gonzalez, 22, Buena Park
  • Emmett Montis, 55, Huntington Beach
  • Jason M. Sarafin, 42, Huntington Beach
  • Faustino Puga, 54, Costa Mesa
  • Tyler Q. Weston, 25, Huntington Beach
  • Aubrey F. Carr, 18, Huntington Beach
  • Kathy A. Yang, 32, Huntington Beach
  • Joshua I. Framco, 19, Santa Ana
  • Jaime X. Palacios, 39, Santa Ana
  • Gordon L. Wood Jr., 52, Seal Beach
  • Don J. Paden, 27, Huntington Beach
  • Sandy L. Petroski, 50, Huntington Beach
  • Christian B. Austin, 19, Huntington Beach
  • Nicholas P. Krey, 24, Huntington Beach
  • Gary L. Darrah, 29, Corona
  • Benjamin P. Burns, 29, Huntington Beach


ATLANTA, GA...Nikki Fedele a Public Policy major from Huntington Beach has been formally recognized by the Georgia State University Honors College for graduating in good standing.

Once admitted to the Honors College, students pursue degrees in any of Georgia State's 62 undergraduate majors, with enhanced opportunities for academic achievement, research, housing, cultural programs, advisement, preparation for graduate or professional school and mentoring for prestigious national undergraduate and postgraduate scholarship and fellowship competitions. Fedele was one of more than 150 graduates who were recognized by the Honors College for their undergraduate participation.

For more information about the Georgia State University Honors College visit

Georgia State University, an enterprising public research university in the heart of Atlanta, is a national leader in graduating students from diverse backgrounds.The university provides its world-class faculty and more than 32,000 students with unsurpassed connections to the opportunities available in one of the 21st century's great global cities.



HUNTINGTON BEACH...Lace up your tennis shoes, roll out those yoga mats or hop on the stand up paddle boards – it’s summertime in Surf City USA.

Are you ready for some wild fun times on the beach and are you ready for action with your friends. Part of that is keeping active throughout the year and that requires that you maintain a healthy body.

Not only keeping the inside of their body healthy with good foods and keeping your muscles fit, it also requires that you keep the outside of your body, your skin, healthy, by protecting it from long exposures from the sun's ray by using sunscreen when your at the beach.

Last Saturday, June 27th. Whole Foods Market in the Bella Terra mall are holding their first "Ready for Action" event from now to the end of June with events, classes, demonstrations and promotions to showcase the market’s large selection of active living products - from protein powders and superfoods to sun-care and reusable water bottles.

“We’ll be highlighting products that support healthy lifestyles for our  shoppers, whether it’s a person looking for supplements that support hydration and energy or are a family who just wants to stay safe in the sun,” said Huntington Beach Body Team Leader Daniel Garro.

Body Team Leader Daniel Garro shows off Ready for Action bags


On Saturday Garro was offering his customers a limited edition “Ready for Action” bag for $12 (valued at $50.) that was packed with products for summer adventures, the 100 percent jute bags with organic cotton lining are made by RIJI Green, a business committed to ending human trafficking.

Each bag contained a Boiron Arnicare Gel, Goddess Garden Organics Everyday Natural or Kids Sunscreen SPF 30, Aubrey Pure Aloe Vera, Amazing Grass Amazing Meal in Vanilla Chai, Garden of Life Perfect Food Raw Organic Green Super Food in Chocolate Cacao, Spectrum Essentials Seed Blends, Nuun Active Natural Electrolyte Enhanced Drink Tabs, Tom’s of Maine Long Lasting Deodorant, a Spectrum Essential recipe book and three coupons.


HARLESTON, SC...Stuart Alan Morton of Huntington Beach, CA was awarded Gold Stars by The Citadel for earning a grade point ratio of 3.7 or higher during the spring semester of the 2014-15 academic year. The cadets were recognized during a special ceremony in May.

Charleston, South Carolina. The Citadel offers a classic military college education for young men and women profoundly focused on leadership excellence and academic distinction. Graduates are not required to serve in the military but about 30 percent of each class commission as officers in every branch of U.S. military service. Graduates of The Citadel have served the nation, their state and their communities as principled leaders since the college was founded in 1842. The Citadel Graduate College offers more than 50 master's degrees and graduate certificates in a wide range of disciplines, plus six undergraduate programs, through an all-evening schedule. Some graduate courses are available online.


HUNTINGTON BEACH...Riding around town you may have noticed several highly colored stands in shopping center parking lots. These stand are empty now, but towards the end of this week, they will be celebrating our independence with the sale of safe-and-sane fireworks. It's now legal to buy fireworks in Huntington Beach and to set them off on July 4th.

Ralphs Shopping Center Goldenwest and Garfield


The family tradition dates back well over a hundred years as a way to celebrate the family holiday with fireworks. Kids of all ages love to watch the colorful displays and be a part of the fun too.

Newland Shopping Center on Beach Blvd.


But remember safety first. It is the "PARENTs" duty to see and teach children how to set off these symbols of our freedom safely. Some parents like to blame the fireworks makers, some blame cities, some like to blame others for their not teaching their kids safety.  Most accidents happen from illegal fireworks, firecrackers, M80s, bottle rockets, or throwing fireworks in the air, etc.

Animals get frighten by the loud bang and hide. But animals are not stupid, training an animal not to be afraid of loud noises, fire engines, loud motorcycles, jackhammers, gunshots, etc. takes time. Just watch any western on tv, horses and dogs aren't running away to hide.

It's like parents teaching a young child that there is no monsters living under their beds in their bedroom at night.

So this Fourth, watch our parade, go to a local park and have a picnic with family and friends. In the evening set off fireworks and remember those who gave their lives for your freedom.

Safety first. If you light a fuse and nothing happens, wait 30 seconds or more then hose it down with water and after all are set off, hose them down with water to be sure and be sure that there is nothing around that could catch fire, dry grass, leaves, wooden roofs, clothing, etc.

If you see some older kids horsing around with fireworks, just think what dumb parents they have and be glad you taught your kids the right way.



HUNTINGTON BEACH...Last week we pictured one of two massive residential structures that are to be built. Last week showed the one on Beach Boulevard between Ellis and Garfield.

This week and the more massive one is located on the Southwest corner of Edinger and Gothard and include for demo two large buildings, one wit the blue strip and the other with the brown strip. From the corner of Edinger and Gothard south for nearly a block and all fenced in with green-colored plastic sheets.


ATLANTA, GA...To be eligible for the Dean's List, students must earn a 3.50 GPA for the semester and complete at least nine semester hours of academic credit with no incompletes.

Nikki Fedele of Huntington Beach (92646)

Georgia State University, an enterprising public research university in the heart of Atlanta, is a national leader in graduating students from diverse backgrounds.The university provides its world-class faculty and more than 32,000 students with unsurpassed connections to the opportunities available in one of the 21st century's great global cities.


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